DTH Travel

Travel While Doing Good

As we continuously create authentic travel experiences, we also keep responsible travel at heart—empowering communities through our products, and empowering our clients to be a part of the solution in preserving traditions, supporting communities, and protecting the environment across Asia.

Go Local Experiences

We’ve prepared a range of must-have experiences for explorers who want to get a truly authentic immersion. In partnership with local communities and groups, you’ll discover an Asia like no other on your journey.


Experience life like the Ngemah people as you stay with them at the Ngemah Ulu Longhouse.


A peek into the way of life and traditions of the Hmong people through a hands-on workshop.


The best way to experience a foreign land! Experience the Philippines’ capital the way only true explorers could.


Engage with the local farming community and get an authentic taste of their day-to-day lives.

Hong Kong

Discover Hong Kong’s culture and history as our expert guides you through its humble street food scene


A unique, action-packed, backstreet adventure. Experience all of Phnom Penh, from the hidden slums to the big vibrant city.  


Do Your Own Massage

Make your own herbal ball with different ingredients and learn how to do your own Thai massage at home.


As you explore the Chanthaburi region, you’ll also learn how to cook some of the most famous Thai dishes, from Pad Thai to Som Tum.


On a roundtrip adventure through China, you’ll stop by the Long Sheng Rice Terraces where you can admire the landscape that transforms with the seasons.


Learn from local artisans, their ancient techniques and try your hand at traditional Laotian pottery-making.


Meet with a water puppetry artist, learn about the art and how he’s modernising the craft, all followed by a private show.


All About Coffee with a Barista in Hanoi

There’s actually nothing ancestral about coffee in Vietnam, but they certainly found a way to make it their own. A local barista can tell you more!


How to weave, how to cook, how to build a shelter, and more! This excursion will leave you feeling just like a local.

We Care for Animal Welfare

Many of the experiences we offer involve watching or interacting with animals, and while these can have social, economic, environmental and educational benefits, we’re fully committed to the protection of animals to create a truly positive experience for you.

Our ethical animal programmes include:

Partner Communities

We work with communities and organisations across Asia, from non-government organisations to indigenous communities to empower them and help in the preservation of their intangible cultural heritage.

Our other partners include:

Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

We also participate in and mount activities as part of our corporate social responsibility. These programmes include food drives, trash collection, marathons, and more, all geared towards welcoming explorers and locals alike to a better Asia. We support initiatives and groups such as:

Sustainable Practices in Offices

We believe in putting our advocacy in practice even in the little things, so our commitment to sustainability also translates to our office policies—from waste management, eco-friendly fixtures, to daily office-wide Earth hours. Our actions include: