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Lemanak Iban Longhouse Homestay

2-Day Roundtrip Package | Kuching, Lemanak

Take a look inside the Ngemah longhouse at the Lemanak River - a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience the Iban way of life and see how DTH Travel Malaysia is working to keep this vibrant community alive.

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An Overview of Your Adventure

Day 1

Begin your adventure from Kuching to the picturesque Lemanak River on a captivating 220 km excursion. Explore the vibrant marketplaces of Serian before venturing further into Borneo’s heart with visits to a thriving pepper plantation and the lovely Lachau town. A typical longboat trip takes you to an intriguing Iban longhouse, where the vagaries of nature are addressed with convenient raincoats. Immerse yourself in gorgeous nature, rich Iban culture, and a community feast, which is closed up with a traditional dance and maybe rice wine.

Day 2

Awaken to the sounds of the forest and the Iban way of life. Join tribesmen on a forest trek, learn how to blowpipe, and embark on a peaceful river journey. Enjoy a delicious dinner cooked in bamboo tubes at a nearby farmhouse. Enjoy your immersion in Iban culture and wilderness before returning to Kuching via a four-hour trip.

Highlights of This Journey

A quick overview to make the most of your stay.

  • See traditional lighthouses.
  • See and smell the wonderful wild orchids, pepper farm, and pitcher plants.
  • Meet an Iban tribal member.

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