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For explorers looking to wander Asia with more company.

A Big Warm Welcome from Asia

At DTH Travel, we specialize in creating bespoke experiences, and that includes bigger groups of explorers looking to enjoy the best of Asia. No matter how big or small, or even the group’s special interests like cycling or hiking, our team will make sure your shared experience becomes a journey of a lifetime. We’ve got you covered from departure to home touch down, so you can wander and get lost in the moment with your colleagues, and perhaps even some newfound friends, without a worry.

Keep reading to get a better idea of the kind of adventure we can create for you with the following excursions we’ve prepared for other explorers:

Private Dinners in a Temple

We catered to a group of 80 travellers for their getaway in Cambodia. One of the highlights was a private dinner service we arranged at a local temple. Fully catered, complete with traditional performances, turning the meal into a cultural immersion.

National Geographic Journey

This roundtrip adventure brought a group around Malaysia’s national parks for a fun, adventure-packed cultural immersion, meeting indigenous tribes in their traditional longhouses, interspersed with leisure cruises, safari walks, and more.

Golden Pearl Safari

This unique adventure combines cultural immersion with a beach paradise getaway. Explorers will head to a pearl farm in Taytay, Palawan where they will learn about the miraculous birth of the rarest type of pearl in the world, after which they can spend the remainder of the roundtrip at leisure at one of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

Pilgrimage and Adventure

This cross-country excursion is perfect for explorers looking to go on a spiritual journey, with a side of adventure. Over the course of 10 days, they’ll wander the most important religious sites in the country, with stops at some of the most gorgeous natural land and seascapes. There might even be a chance to interact with the ever-elusive whale sharks!

Welcome Explorers to Asia with Us

Tell us the adventure you want and we’ll plan your group’s getaway together. Leave your details here, and our team will contact you as soon as possible.