DTH Travel

Our Story

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Our Journey Begins

Before we became DTH Travel, we were known as the Diethelm Travel Office, a humble tourism agency in the heart of the Thai capital. Travel was evolving and more and more people wanted to venture out, and so we welcomed them to the beauty and charm of Thailand, the “Land of the Free”, as it is called in its native language.

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Mastering Asia

We took our first step out of Thailand in 1991, setting foot on Laotian soil: our first international office. And so began our rapid growth -- building new bonds, making new friends, starting new relationships. In the following years, we opened more offices to cater to more explorers and travel partners in Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia. We even became the first foreign-licensed tour operator in China. This called for a reintroduction: we became known as Diethelm Tours.

Creating Journeys of a Lifetime

In this decade, we became Diethelm Travel, and at this point, our team continued to grow. We now had offices in Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Though we were getting bigger, our passion to create unique experiences for all our partners remained, catering to each with our personal brand of service.

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66 Years Later

After years of witnessing tourists become curious adventurers and confident wanderers, our mission has also evolved. Putting authentic experiences at the forefront, to give explorers journeys they will never forget. We were lucky to share all these years with our partners—all the ups and downs, and in-betweens. And now, as DTH Travel, we look forward to the next 66 years and beyond welcoming explorers to Asia.