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wander through Cheung Chau with walking tour and seafood lunch


One of Hong Kong’s most notable outlying islands is Cheung Chau. Offering the perfect opportunity to explore this tiny dumbbell-shaped island by foot, which is bursting with unique history, culture and tradition, our specially designed private excursion includes a visit to the island’s Pak Tai Temple, dedicated to the Taoist God Pak Tai and built in 1783, as well as the 17th century Tin Hau Temple, which attracts local fishermen who come to worship the famous Goddess of the Sea. Continue the day tour with a trek to Tung Wan Beach, a hotspot for swimmers, windsurfers and canoers that also protects 3,000-year-old Bronze Age rock carvings, before exploring the famous Cheung Po Tsai Cave – a historic hideout of a famous local pirate! Cap off the afternoon with a succulent fresh seafood lunch.


Every year on the fifth to ninth days of the fourth lunar month (usually at the end of April or beginning of May) the people of Cheung Chau get busy making papier-mâché effigies of deities, preparing costumes, baking buns and building a bamboo tower for what Time.com deemed one of the world’s ‘Top 10 Quirky Local Festivals’. Known locally as the spectacular Cheung Chau Bun Festival – a week-long event that includes Taoist ceremonies and music, a parade, lion dances, drum beating and an exciting Bun Scrambling Competition – they’re preparing for the thousands of people that will soon descend upon their tiny island.


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