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2-day countryside tour of Bagan, Salay and Tamarind Lake Village


This specially designed tour is an excellent opportunity to visit the beautiful 130-year-old Yokesone Monastery, explore the historic town of Salay and experience rural living at the village of Tamarind Lake, a community-based tourism site.

Drive out of Bagan to explore the scenic countryside. On the way to Salay, make a stop at Chauk to catch a glimpse of the nodding donkeys in the oil fields and visit the local market. Travel on to Salay which offers a refreshing alternative to the hustle and bustle of Bagan. Visit Yokesone Monastery, built on 154 teak posts and known for its 130-year-old wooden carvings of the Jataka Tales. Stop for lunch at Salay House, a beautifully renovated British-Colonial warehouse originally built in 1906. This site is a living museum filled with antiques as well as informational materials. Take a short walking tour of the village to see other colonial homes and sites. Continue the tour at the colonial-era mansion of U Bo Kyi, the patron of Salay Yokesone Monastery, and on to the 11th century Shin Pin Sar Kyo Pagoda which features an array of paintings which span the styles of the 11th – 18th centuries.

The next day, drive to a small market and observe local products and ways of life on your way to Tamarind Lake village, a community-based tourism site which provides direct support to families in this area. Explore the village and enjoy a home-cooked meal at a local home. Get to know the villagers and experience a taste of their rural lifestyle. In the late afternoon, make your way to the toddy palm farms where you will observe how locals pluck fruits from the towering palm trees and learn the process of making sweet jaggery. Sample this local sweet with a refreshing cup of tea before returning to Bagan.

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2-Day Exploring Countryside of Bagan_Salay and Tamarind Lake Village



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