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surf the eastern waves of Sri Lanka in Arugam Bay


Sri Lanka’s east coast is known for its undeniable natural beauty as well as its role as the surf mecca of the country.


From now until about the beginning of November, thrill seekers frequent this coastal belt seeking to ride the exhilarating waves of Arugam Bay and beyond including:


North of Arugam Bay


Whiskey Point

Situated in Urani, just a little ways away from the famous Arugam Bay is another surfing spot. Although the highlight of Whisky Point is its surf, it is also a popular spot for partying, especially on Friday and Wednesday nights. Waves at the Whiskey Point boast swells varying between 1-4 metres and break near a rocky outcrop near the beach.


Pottuvil Point

Amateurs will want to start off with gentler waves and gradually progress to the more high and mighty rollercoasters, but if you are an experienced surfer and wish to ride more challenging waves, Pottuvil is also close to Arugam Bay and offers the best right hand waves on the island. A 15-minute tuk tuk ride through the scenic town of Pottuvil will lead you to this point.


South of Arugam Bay


Elephant Rock

Elephant Rock is another spot that is often favoured by beginners and surf schools due to it sandy bar and shallow waters. This spot can also be very technical – the right hand waves break just off the rocks and suck into a barrel – however the outside waves are mellow as they open into the bay. Only deep take-offs will present any danger as otherwise it is mostly sandy between 2 – 6 feet.


Peanut Farm

There are two breaks here that can be referred to as the main point and baby point of Peanut Farm. The main point, can be quite technical and may require a steep take off in front of the rocks often barrelling between 3 – 6 feet. However, the baby point is usually the continuation of a previous wave that is comparatively smoother, between about 2 – 4 feet.


Okanda Point

About 28 kilometres off Arugam Bay, through a jungle patch leading to Okanda Beach where surfing and wildlife meet, is a point break for regular surfers. There are three lineups in Okanda, the first two are ideal for intermediate surfers and the last is best suited for experienced ones. The beaches at Okanda are also perfect for sunbathing and sunset surfing. For those who are accompanying a friend or a partner who surfs, but are more interested in immersing themselves in a good book on the beach, Okanda offers the perfect setting.


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