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a peek inside the authentic life of Vietnamese villagers


Go on an exclusive four-day journey that offers a chance to experience life in rural Vietnam through adventure activities and local specialities that are unique to the area.


Visit the villages of the ethnic minority peoples in the mountainous areas southwest of Hanoi, spending time in a homestay and interacting with the local people. Continue to the rich farmland of the Red River Delta to the heart of the main enclave of the Christian community of Vietnam, often dubbed ‘Land of Churches’, and stay at a peaceful village’s homestay in the buffer zone of Xuan Thuy National Park.


Those interested in bird watching may want to wake up early to observe the birds leaving their nests at sunrise. Join us on this colourful expedition and see why you can easily fall in love with warm-hearted locals and the region’s breathtaking scenery.


Learn more about our 4-Day Northern Delta Village Life


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