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New high-speed trains launch from Xian North Train Station to Guiyang North Train Station



The China Railway Bureau has added a new high-speed train from Xian North Train Station to Guiyang North Train Station. The train leaves from Xian at 11:33 and stops at about 20 cities, including Weinan, San Men Xia, Luiyang Lonmen, Gongyi, Zhenzhou, LuoHe, Zhumadian, Xinyang, Wuhan, Yuryang, MiLuo, Changsha, Xiangtan, Shao Shan, Loudi, Xinhua, Huaihua, Tongren and Kaili before arriving at Guiyang at 22:07. The complete ride takes about 10 hours, 12 hours less than the original travel time between the two stations.


The train route links many historical cities and highlights in northern China with southern China’s cities and colourful ethnic culture.


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