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explore a new hidden gem for nature lovers


Located in the hills and forest reserve near Taiping, a new homestay provides back-to-nature experiences in a truly pristine environment. Following a concept of complete exclusivity and privacy, the retreat is only open to single bookings at any one time. This means guests get to enjoy all the location has to offer on their own, including waterfalls and a riverside setting, with no outsiders or guests from other groups during their stay.

Here, the facilities and amenities are basic but comfortable in a traditional Malay wooden bungalow on stilts with an open balcony, a full view of the waterfall, breezes from the waterfall creating natural air conditioning and bathing water coming from the river.

Packages are available for either 1- or 2-night stays and inclusive of all meals (including a barbecue dinner at the riverside), accommodation, facilities and tours.


For more information or reservation, please contact us here.

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