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M&C Asia – Diethelm Travel rebrands to DTH Travel


Diethelm Travel has rebranded to DTH Travel. With a new name and logo, the unveiling of DTH Travel marks its ambitions to bring fresh and innovative approaches to its business. The DMC is opening a new office in Japan Q1 2024. Business has exceeded 2019 booking numbers as of July 2023, surpassing pre-COVID levels for the same period by over 50%, and it has shifted its focus from traditional “tick box” travel to more sustainable, immersive and authentic experiences.

“Our rebrand signals a transformative shift, breathing new life into our identity and purpose, and ensuring we remain relevant in these ever-evolving times. It’s a profound reflection of the changes in our world, industry, and communities, that have reshaped our ethos and equipped us to step confidently into the 21st century,” said Stephan Roemer, DTH Travel’s CEO.

DTH Travel takes a boutique approach to servicing client requests for incentives and meetings and is able to offer a range of diverse, experience-led and unique tours and products. Said Roemer: “We are proud to offer clients our best service and products yet. Over the last five years, DTH Travel has made significant strides towards developing new products with authenticity at the heart, curating tours and experiences that involve and benefit more local communities and enterprises, keeping responsible travel at its core. Beyond what clients brief us we also love to collaborate and propose creative ideas and special experiences to truly create a bespoke offering, turning events into adventures.

“We have a very competent central team of very experienced MICE staff which supports the MICE teams in each country. Their knowledge of the requirements of the different industries, the preparation of collaterals, materials, event management etc. is supported from this central team allowing the in-market offices to concentrate on their speciality, destination knowledge and contacts to create itineraries best suited to the brief. This makes DTH one of the most competent one-stop-shops for MICE in Asia.

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