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sounds of Sri Lanka


Featuring vibrant beats, the sounds and music of Sri Lanka are always catchy. Get to know some of the island nation’s most popular musical acts below!


Bathiya & Santhush

Since 1998, the Sri Lankan pop duo Bathiya & Santhush (also known as BNS) have been one of the country’s largest and most loved musical acts. Boasting more than 50 number one hit singles, six platinum albums, countless film soundtracks and more, the pair is known throughout the South Asia music scene. For a lively listen, play the upbeat hit, “Neththara.”



Sinhalese R&B and hip hop artist and music producer Iraj climbed to the top of the island’s music industry with an impressive string of number one singles, a consecutive series of top ten hits, number one self-titled debut album more. To get a sense of his most popular songs, listen classic Iraj here:



From Sri Lanka’s hill capital of Kandy and now living in Finland, Costa came onto the music scene in 2016 and quickly became a popular fixture in Sri Lanka’s Sinhala and English hip hop/rap music community thanks to his hard-hitting beats and appealing melodies. Check out “Nuwara Machang (The Town).”


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