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learn the secrets of authentic Khmer cuisine with a farm-to-table cooking class


While in Kampot, travellers can appreciate an authentic and inspiring Khmer cooking experience at the Khmer Root Café, located in a picturesque hut next to the Secret Lake just outside of Kampot’s main town.


Run by Chef Soklim, a soft-spoken man who is fluent in English, and his mother, wife and daughters who help with preparation, the cooking class exemplifies the meaning “from farm to table” with all fresh ingredients grown in the family’s garden, meat coming from animals they raise and fish freshly caught from the lake.


After the cooking class, guests can stop for a tour of La Plantation which grows the famous certified organic Kampot pepper. Open daily from 9:00 – 18:00 hours, the plantation offers free guided tours from Khmer-, English- and French-speaking guides who explain the harvest and processing procedures.


To reach the cafe and La Plantation, travellers  can arrange a cooking class which includes transport to and from Kampot hotels, the cooking class, lunch, and the free use of bicycles to explore the local countryside, including the Secret Lake and pepper farm. Alternatively, guests can make their own way from town by bicycle or motorbike. The Khmer cooking classes run every day beginning at 11:00 hours.


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