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Kaleidoscope of "Old Town Central"


Beneath the stunning skyline of Central, history, culture, art and food flourish in one of the city’s oldest and most archetypal neighbourhoods. East and West, past and present, traditions and innovation, excitement and tranquillity — this is where Hong Kong’s contrasting attributes coexist, blend and collide!

This immersive walking tour explores the heart of the “Old Town Central” neighbourhood – the history, heritage, colonial architecture, local food and the living culture still very much alive.


  • Graham Street Market: With over a century’s history and by far the most atmospheric wet market in Hong Kong, this is a popular place (featured in a scene from the 2001 film Rush Hour 2) for local groceries and traditional foods, such as handmade noodles which make great souvenirs.
  • An authentic taste of Hong Kong: Try the Hong Kong-style milk tea influenced by British culture. The Hong Kong version comes with evaporated milk and sugar where different proportions and mixing techniques offer different flavours and textures. Pair your tea with a piping hot, silky and irresistibly aromatic egg tart – a favourite of Hong Kong’s last colonial governor, Chris Patten.
  • Upper Lascar Row: Known to antique enthusiasts worldwide as Hong Kong’s famous Cat Street market, the historic Upper Lascar Row boasts a plethora of interesting decorative items and authentic historical pieces…you may even discover rare items at the back of the overcrowded shops!
  • Man Mo Temple: Estimated to have been built between 1847 and 1862, Man Mo Temple is a complex paying tribute to the God of Literature and the God of War. This well-preserved historic temple houses a bronze bell dating back to 1847, a sedan chair from 1862 and comprises granite pillars, granite door frames, engraved wood plaques and ancient mural paintings.
  • PMQ: Formerly the Police Married Quarters, PMQ now houses works by promising young artists and designers in Hong Kong. Here, you will not only find a fascinating lineup of creative studios and designer products, but also exhibitions and workshops all year round.

Strolling along Hollywood Road: The historic neighbourhood of Hollywood Road is known for its old colonial buildings such as the former Central Police Station, which a declared and restored monument first built in 1864, art galleries and interesting boutiques.

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