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Discover Maldives’ Underwater World with a Submarine Voyage


Diving isn’t the only way to spot the underwater wonders. Those who want to experience the world below the surface of the water but aren’t divers, can explore underwater wildlife in safe, but still scintillating, submarine riches. Board an advanced passenger submarine, which submerges and descends down to 45 metres below the surface, where  you can experience the wonders of the aquatic world with enchanting stops along the way to see a colourful array of coral and reef fish that inhabit the seas of the Maldives.

The comfortable air-conditioned submarine has normal atmospheric pressure for passengers to breathe freely and even able to fly right after. While every 45-minute journey varies depending on the time of day and the particulars of the currents, on any given dive you may see historical shipwrecks, shark feeding areas or majestic reefs featuring colourful displays of coral and small reef fish.


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