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go on an adventure at Ahaspokuna – bush walk camps


Ahaspokuna, located in Sri Lanka’s hill country, offers a novel experience for adventurers wishing to explore the best of what Sri Lanka has to offer. Only accessible by foot, this all-suite camp provides experiences that focus on ‘bush walks’ in an environment that provides new experiences around every corner.


In the Sinhalese language “ahas” means “sky” and “pokuna” means “pond” or “pool”. Ahaspokuna was so named as it referred to the lake in this location high up in the hills that was only fed by rainwater.


This experiential camp is located in a 2260-acre area of pristine private wilderness that was created by merging a historical hideout (used in the revolution of 1817) and a 200-square-kilometre protected forest.


Sri Lanka’s great wilderness can be seen on a Jeep safari in one of its more famous national parks, but nothing comes close to the experience of seeing nature on foot. Feel it, hear it, smell it and experience it at close quarters.


Throughout the journey, you will be guided by professional naturalists and expert Bushmen who have lived in this forested area for several generations. Wide grasslands, cave systems used by elephants, an eclectic variety of plants and herbs, streams, hidden waterfalls, and a plethora of mammals and birds make Ahaspokuna what it is – a truly magical experience.


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