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battambang: the next tourist destination


The Cambodian government is actively finding ways to develop the Battambang province as a new heritage tourist destination with plans to mark potential areas nearby as tourism sites. In particular, Battambang City has become increasingly popular as a tourist destination for both locals and foreigners.


The project was conducted in collaboration with Hungary to entice both local and international tourists, especially tourists from Hungary and other countries in the European Union. The plan involves the creation of tourist accommodation, improvements in transport and better security for travellers, and better enforcement mechanisms to ensure tourists are not cheated.


As a result, Battambang will become an attractive, must-see place for tourists after they visit Angkor Wat in Siem Reap. Previously, there were four or five hotels in Battambang City. Now there are close to 40 hotels and guesthouses. Such development generates more income for local people and improves the economy.


The ministry also plans to work with Singapore to develop tourism destinations in outlying areas such as Phnom Kulen (the Kulen Mountain), Chong Khneas (the floating villages), and PrekToal and Tonle Sap in Siem Reap province. They have devised plans to develop the tourism sector including an action plan that focuses on the development of tour packages and infrastructure.


To get tourists to stay longer and spend more in Cambodia, the Cambodian government has also provided visas for 1 – 3 years for visitors from South Korea, Japan and China.


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