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A Day in a Life… (Go Local Experience in Siem Reap)


Spend the day in a village that is under the care of an NGO that works with communities to help improve the lives of Cambodian families by focusing on the basics of providing access to clean water, employment opportunities, health, education and safe environments.

Starting the day off with a monk blessing and an ox cart ride to the village and your host family, you will then take part in whatever seasonal activity is happening at the time then help prepare a homemade lunch.

Before heading back to Siem Reap, walk through the village and see a little more of what the NGO supports, including a sewing workshop, housing projects made of re-used rubbish-filled plastic bottles and more.

Due to the nature of the tour and authentic location, each experience is different. Activities depends on the time of year, family needs and goings on in the village but may include planting, harvesting or transplanting rice depending on the time of year, weaving thatch for roof repairs, weaving wall panels, planting vegetable crops or trees, and making prahoc or rice wine. The tour starts at 8:00 hours with return back to the hotel around 15:00 hours or as requested.

Why we like this Tour? Not only is it a great experience to connect with the locals, who are so welcoming, and to contribute a little to their needs, we get to see up close the works of people who really care. – Coralie Romano, Siem Reap Branch Manager


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