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creative team building – construct your own dragon!


A highlight of any visit to a Chinese community is to witness a dragon dance, yet few could imagine doing it themselves, let alone construct one of the colourful creatures from scratch! But that’s exactly what Dragon Squad is all about.

In this fun half-day team building activity, competing teams are required to construct their own dragon — a task that involves problem solving, creativity, coordination and time management. To put participants in the mood, the leader of each team marshals team members to action by beating a big drum to a steady beat under a designated rhythm, be it traditional Chinese, jazz, hip hop, Bollywood or more. Whether involved in constructing the head, the tail or nominated for the multi-team design group, teamwork is key as the dragons cannot be completed without each team member finishing their allocated tasks. The real fun begins when each team performs a dragon dance with their uniquely created dragons, competing for points based on their creativity and performance. The dragonheads can be taken back to the workplace as a reminder of collaborative company success.

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