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what we are eating: home-cooked comfort food


Staying home? Us too. While we can’t physically travel right now we can still experience new things and have been taking our taste buds on culinary adventures from the comfort of our own kitchens.

Take a look at what we’ve been cooking to inspire your own kitchen experiments!

The Diethelm chefs made these videos by themselves too. Let’s give them a big round of applause!



by Anara Mussina, Operations Manager Russia/CIS & Eastern Europe of Diethelm Travel Thailand

The national dish among nomadic Turkic people in Central Asia.  The Term Beshbarmak means “five fingers” because nomads traditionally ate this dish with their hands.  Traditionally nomads used horse meat, however nowadays people adapted the dish to their own tastes and use all other types of meat.




Kyat Karla Thar Chat (Chicken with bottle gourd)

by Yu Yu Kyi, Account Manager VIP team of Diethelm Travel Myanmar

Kyat Karla Thar Chat is a popular in Myanmar and easy to cook any time. We prepare this dish especially when we have a gathering of friends or family. It is commonly well known as Kyat Karla Thar Chat (Lad’s chicken curry) as it is a long term favourite of generations of young people who gather in late evening to cook the curry for fun just after full-moon day of November night (full-moon day of Tazaungmon according to Myanmar 🇲🇲 calendar), that day is locally known as “the thieves’ night”. Back in the old days, the carefree young men would steal chickens from a nearby home in the village and cook Kyat Karla Thar Chat curry and enjoy with their friends the whole night with beverages.





by Mohamed Inshaf, Team Leader of Diethelm Travel Sri Lanka

Here we go!!! I have shown below how to make the Sri Lankan Lavariya, also known as sweet dumpling string hoppers which is made of caramelized coconut and string hoppers.




Traditional Coconut Roti

by Rehana Karunarathne, Team Leader of Diethelm Travel Sri Lanka

You might be familiar with “Roti”, but let me show you how to cook “traditional coconut Roti”. It might become one of your new favourites!



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