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Zhujiajiao and Qibao Ancient Town one Day Tour

Zhujiajao, China

Explore old water villages surrounding Shanghai, beginning with Zhujiajiao, the "Venice of Shanghai," and ending with the handmade stores of Qibao.

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An Overview of Your Adventure

Experience the allure of old water villages near Shanghai with a private guide. Your adventure begins at Zhujiajiao Ancient Town, sometimes known as “The Venice of Shanghai,” because of its centuries-old waterways, stone bridges, and well-preserved Ming and Qing dynasties architecture. After experiencing its distinct and traditional ambiance, continue your journey in Qibao Ancient Town, where a plethora of stores selling wonderful crafts and more await. Immerse yourself in history and craftsmanship before heading back to your Shanghai hotel in the evening.

Highlights of This Journey

A quick overview to make the most of your stay.

  • Shanghai city nearby getaway.
  • Walking around in ancient water town. Great photo opportunity.
  • Mouthwatering local dishes and snacks. Classic Chinese architecture experience.

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