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The Mango Story

3-Day Roundtrip Package | Cebu, Philippines

This trip brings you to the wonderful narrative behind the world known Philippine Mangoes, from seeing plantations to harvesting experience to the process of turning it into various product. Best experienced during the harvest season of April to June.

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An Overview of Your Adventure


Commence your Cebu trip with a quick check-in at the resort and then grab a bite to eat at one of the local restaurants in the area.


Travel to Cebu’s picturesque highlands to see flower farms, mango plantations, and the ‘Mystical Rose Garden’, where all kinds of flowers bloom all year round. Get to taste palm wine made from coconut trees, and take in the stunning views from an eco mountain resort before enjoying a delicious meal at Chateau de Busay.


Say goodbye Cebu and make your way to the airport to catch your next flight, bringing back all the good memories of this magical trip through the countryside and the local culture.

Highlights of This Journey

A quick overview to make the most of your stay.

  • Discover Cebu's lush flower farms and mango plantations.
  • Explore 'The Mystical Rose Garden' and Profood Gallery's unique offerings.
  • Enjoy breathtaking mountain views and gourmet dining at Eco Mountain Resort and Chateau de Busay.

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