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Northern Luzon Heartland

6-Day Roundtrip Package | Northern Luzon, Philippines

Travel across the breathtaking Northern Philippines on a 6-day tour that will leave you in awe. From ancient rice terraces to secluded villages, you'll get immersed in the culture of the native Ifugao people while admiring the magnificent mountain scenery. Every day, you'll explore the area's rich history and beauty, creating experiences that will last a lifetime.

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An Overview of Your Adventure

Day 1

Begin your overland trip early morrning and head to Banaue. Once there, stay at your hotel and have dinner and stay the night.

Day 2

Spend a whole day visiting Banaue and its surrounds. From the Viewpoint to Tam-an Village, you’ll enjoy breathtaking views as you ascend and descend steep steps, pass through woodlands, and admire irrigation channels and rice terraces. You’ll eat lunch alongside a waterfall at the conclusion of the day before travelling to Poitan hamlet, which is known for its sturdy walls and holy posts. Then head towards Tam-an Village for a glimpse of Banaue proper. Finally, before returning to the hotel, you’ll stop at the gift shop before heading out to supper and a night’s stay.

Day 3

From Banaue, you’ll travel 44 kilometers to Mayoyao village, which is about 3 hours on dirt roads. On the way, you’ll make a pit stop at a village called Banga-an, carry on with your trip unil you reach the small poblacion of Mayoyao, check in at a local inn. Spend the rest of the day free at leisure.

Day 4

Hike around the UNESCO-listed Chuyong’s terraces and see what sets it apart from Banaue’s terraces. Get to admire the cluster of rice terraces of Alatabang and plateaus from Akakoy Viewpoint. Learn about the importance of the lumawig Stone in the village and take a dip in the natural pool at O’phaw Manhenchu Falls. You can also hang out with the locals and get to know their culture. When you’re done exploring, you can head back to the inn to grab dinner and stay the night.

Day 5

Prepare to take another overland journey to the Provice of Cauayan passing through the impressive vistas. Enjoy the breathtaking vistas as you go from rolling hills to flat terrain. After your adventure, stay overnight in a Cauayan hotel for dinner and a nice night’s sleep.

Day 6

Head to the Cauayan airport to catch your plane back to Manila and end your amazing trip.



Highlights of This Journey

A quick overview to make the most of your stay.

  • Admire the awe-inspiring Banaue rice terraces, a marvel of ancient agriculture.
  • Immerse yourself in the indigenous Ifugao culture through village visits and sacred site explorations.
  • Traverse scenic mountain trails, offering breathtaking vistas and thrilling outdoor adventures.

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