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Nam Ngum Lake Tour

Nam Ngum Lake, Laos | Tour Code: EXVTFNNG

Nature lovers can spend a wonderful day discovering Nam Ngum Lake.

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An Overview of Your Adventure

After you’ve been picked up from your hotel in Vientiane, you’ll travel to the historical archaeological site of Vang Xang, also known as the ‘Elephant Palace,’ where you’ll be able to discover ancient sites and intricately carved Buddha statues carved in pink sandstone cliffs from the 11th century. From there, take a relaxing 1-hour boat tour on Lake Nam Ngum, surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes and traditional agricultural activities. The tour ends with a visit to the local salt works, where you can observe the traditional process of extracting salt, before heading back to Vientiane.

Highlights of This Journey

A quick overview to make the most of your stay.

  • Explore the ancient Vang Xang archaeological site with intricate Buddha sculptures.
  • Enjoy a serene 1-hour boat ride on Nam Ngum Lake, witnessing traditional agriculture.
  • Visit a local salt works to observe traditional salt extraction.

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