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Mulu Caves a UNESCO World Heritage

3-Day Roundtrip Package | Mulu

Explore Lang's Cave, Deer Cave, Wind Cave, and Clearwater Cave in Mulu, all while viewing the mesmerising bat exodus at the bat observatory and taking a refreshing dip in Clearwater Spring.

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An Overview of Your Adventure


Arrive in Mulu and see Lang’s Cave and Deer Cave, which are home to millions of bats. At the bat observatory, you may see the bat departure.


Discover Wind Cave, the King’s Chamber, and Clearwater Cave. Clearwater Spring offers a pleasant swim as well as leisure time for other activities.


Depart Mulu after breakfast, bringing your amazing cave exploration journey to a close.

Highlights of This Journey

A quick overview to make the most of your stay.

  • Explore the great caves of Mulu
  • Witness mesmerizing bat spectacles
  • Bring your journey to a close with an unforgettable feast

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