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Mulu Adventure on the Former Headhunters Trail

4-Day Roundtrip Package | Mulu

Explore Lang's Cave, Deer Cave with its bat exodus, Wind Cave, and Clearwater Cave on an exciting trip. In addition, explore Penan and Iban settlements and climb the famous Headhunter's Trail before finishing your adventure in Limbang to have a better understanding of local traditions.

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An Overview of Your Adventure

Day 1

Begin your adventure by seeing Lang’s Cave and the breathtaking Deer Cave, which is home to millions of bats. At the bat observatory, you may see the tremendous bat exodus.

Day 2

Explore Wind Cave, the King’s Chamber, and Clearwater Cave . A boat journey, a visit to a Penan community, and a walk to Camp 5 with minimal accommodations are all included.

Day 3

Hike the Headhunter’s Trail for 12 km, following in the footsteps of historic battle parties. Continue by boat to an Iban longhouse before returning to Limbang.

Day 4

Finish your journey with some free time before departing Limbang.

Highlights of This Journey

A quick overview to make the most of your stay.

  • Behold majestic bat exoduses.
  • Explore the depths of Mulu's great caves.
  • Retrace the steps of historic battle parties in the Headhunter's Trail.

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