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Kayanwala Pahala Wewa Village Experience

Kayanwala Pahala Wewa, Sri Lanka

Experience the off-road village and the local life in the surrounding.

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An Overview of Your Adventure

In this excursion, we shy away from the main road to a small back road that gets narrower as we go deeper. We also get the chance to have an up close and personal visit to a rural village in Sri Lanka, which offers scenic views of the village from the lake. After you enjoy the scenic boat ride, we visit a small village hut where we will have a cup of herbal tea with some freshly cooked rotis. Conclude the experience with either a tuk tuk or tractor ride to the starting point. We recommend that you visit with your guide so that he can translate between you and the locals.


Highlights of This Journey

A quick overview to make the most of your stay.

  • Experience the chance to be immeresed in the local life.
  • Embark on scenic boat rides in the serene lake of Kayanwala Pahala.
  • Indulge in herbal tea and freshly cooked rotis.

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