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Heritage Trail to Iban Longhouse

3-Day Roundtrip Package | Kuching, Sri Aman

Set off on a three-day expedition from Kuching to the Sri Aman Division. Explore local markets, historical landmarks, and Iban culture in a traditional longhouse before returning to Kuching with unforgettable experiences.

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An Overview of Your Adventure


Meet at the lobby of your hotel and board a comfortable 4-hour travel to Sri Aman Division. Explore Serian’s colourful local market, drive through rice fields, then, if time allows, visit a pepper plantation. Lunch is served in the lovely Lachau, a quaint up-country Chinese village. When you arrive in Sri Aman, check into your deluxe accommodation at the Seri Simanggang hotel. Take a guided trip around Sri Aman town in the afternoon, stopping at historic Fort Alice and the century-old Tze Yin Khor Chinese temple on the picturesque Lupar riverfront.


After breakfast, drive 1.5 hours to an Iban longhouse. Arrive at the jetty and board one of the native longboats for the 45-minute voyage to the longhouse. Discover Iban culture by exploring the longhouse, meeting friendly neighbours and families, and experiencing their traditional battle dance in full ceremonial garb. Language problems will not prevent you from engaging in the fun and drinking their rice wine, “tuak.” Savour a local meal along the riverbank (weather allowing) or in the longhouse. Bid farewell and return to Seri Simanggang hotel by boat and air-conditioned car. Take it easy this afternoon.

Sri Aman Tidal Bore (Benak): Sri Aman is home to the awe-inspiring natural sight of the tidal bore, also known as “Benak.” This unusual phenomena generates tidal waves, some of which reach the sea.


After a substantial breakfast at the hotel, depart for Kuching, stopping for lunch at a local restaurant along the road.

Highlights of This Journey

A quick overview to make the most of your stay.

  • Marvel at the colourful native market.
  • Explore Malaysia's off-beaten-path of an adventure.

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