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Hari Residence & Spa

Siem Reap

Relax in a cosy residence with modern comforts and a touch of Cambodian hospitality.

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What You’ll Enjoy With This Hotel

  • Cuisine
  • City Centre
  • Scenic Views

Hari Residence is your inviting home away from home in the bustling heart of Phnom Penh, where modern comfort meets Cambodian warmth. The hotel's well-appointed rooms, adorned with Khmer-inspired decor, provide a cosy and relaxing retreat. Hari Residence's central location makes it an ideal starting point for discovering Phnom Penh's vibrant culture, historical sites, and delectable cuisine. With its friendly staff and personalized service, Hari Residence ensures that your stay is both memorable and stress-free, making it the perfect base for your Cambodian adventures.

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