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Green Vientiane

5-Day Roundtrip Package | Vientiane

Take your time to explore Vientiane, as is the way in Laos. There’s plenty of time to enjoy the best of Southeast Asia’s most laid-back capital with an abundance of culture, lifestyle and natural attractions.

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An Overview of Your Adventure

Day 1

Vientiane is a city full of timeless charm, with its lush streets, vibrant temples, and charming French architecture. You’ll spend the day exploring the city’s highlights, from a bite to eat at Kung’s Café. to shopping for great fair-trade crafts made by local artisans at T’Shop Lai Gallery. Later in the day, you can even head down to the riverbank and explore the night market, where you can find everything from electronics to art, all set up in a lively, laid-back atmosphere.

Day 2

Take a bike ride through Vientiane and explore all the sights and attractions of the city. You’ll pass by charming villages, ancient temples and monasteries, colonial homes, and some of the most iconic places in the city like the Stupa in That Luang or the Presidential Palace in Patousay. On the way back to the city center, stop for lunch at one of the dozens of restaurants in the area. Don’t miss the chance to sample some of the classic Laotian dishes prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, all served by Slow Food movement member and restaurant proprietor Noi.

Day 3

Today you’ll go on an orchid trekking adventure in Laos to see the amazing orchids that are native to the country. You’ll be guided by an orchid expert from Hathkai village to hike through different forests and dense jungle in the NPAs of Laos, which will remind you of the country’s amazing biodiversity. After a cold river swim, you’ll have a picnic lunch at Tad Say waterfall in the afternoon. Then, you’ll head back to Vientiane to finish off your day exploring and taking in the beauty of Laos.

Day 4

Today’s itinerary includes a stop at an Hmong village where you will observe the market and the local community’s culture. You will also visit the renowned archaeological site, the “Elephant Palace”, which houses a variety of historical sites as well as Buddhist sculpture relief carved on a pink sandstone cliff. You will take an hour-long boat ride through fishing villages along the lake of Nam Ngum.

Day 5

After breakfast, you’ll visit Talat Sao’s colorful Morning Market. This market sells silk weaving, metalwork, wood carving, textiles, clothing, and bags. After which, lunch is served at Lao Derm Restaurant, all before wrapping up this excursion through Vientiane’s wonders.

Highlights of This Journey

A quick overview to make the most of your stay.

  • Bicycle along the Mekong River to discover Vientiane's hidden gems, including That Luang Stupa and Patousay.
  • Venture into Phou Khao Khouay National Protected Area for a nature tour showcasing Laos' wild orchids, followed by a refreshing dip at Tad Say waterfall.
  • Explore Mon-Khmer ruins, enjoy boat trips, meet locals, and embark on diverse cultural and historical adventures.

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