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Full Day Hong Kong Disneyland

Lantau Island, Hong Kong | Tour Code: PC- HDL- 12

Take a trip to a magical land full of adventure and fun! Come and explore a magical kingdom where the magic of the past is alive and well, and all your favorite characters and places from your dreams come true. Enjoy classic stories and exciting adventures in an amazing attraction that will make your dreams come true for the little ones.

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An Overview of Your Adventure

Experience the magic of a world full of beloved characters and magical places, full of timeless stories and exciting adventures for kids of all ages. Visit Mystic Point to take a ride in Lord Henry’s “mystic magneto-electric carriage” and check out his private collection, or go Wild West on the big Grizzly Mountain’s “runaway mine cars” and explore Toy Story Land with its big-time attractions. Take a trip back in time to Main Street U-S.A. and experience the magic of Fantasyland. Go on an adventure in Adventureland and explore futuristic Tomorrowland.

Highlights of This Journey

A quick overview to make the most of your stay.

  • Explore Mystic Point and ride Lord Henry Mystic's private collection.
  • Thrill in Grizzly Gulch on the Big Grizzly Mountain "Runaway Mine Cars."
  • Join Toy Story characters in the exclusive Toy Story Land for larger-than-life attractions.

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