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Exploring North Luzon Off the Beaten Track

5-Day Roundtrip Package | Northern Luzon, Philippines

Take a 5-day adventure across North Luzon, where you'll witness ancient rice terraces and learn about local culture, as well as explore the incredible Caves of Callao. It's the ideal blend of nature and culture, and you'll have memories to last a lifetime.

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An Overview of Your Adventure

Day 1

Head north from Manila and make your way to the Central Plains of Luzon, which is known as the “Rice Granary of the Philippines”. Proceed to the Philippine Carabao Centre afterwards and learn about the importance of the local carabao. You’ll also get to check out the Rice Research Institute and the Rice Museum. After that, grab a bite to eat at a local market and check in to your hotel.

Day 2

After breakfast, make your way to Banaue, stopping at Dalton Pass for breathtaking views. Visit the 2,000-years-old rice terrace, a World Heritage Site, and meet the people of Bangaan village. Stay the night in the traditional huts of Ifugao.

Day 3

Start your day with breakfast and then make your way to the Mayoyao village, where you’ll find beautiful terraces and some of the world’s most unique landscapes. Take a stroll through the village’s main square and check out the Akakoy viewpoint and Lumawig stone, as well as the burial tombs of Apfo‘or. Make your way back to your accommodation for the night.

Day 4

Take a 5-hour overland trip to Cagayan Valley. You’ll pass through a variety of landscapes, from mountains to plains. Visit the magical Callao Caves. Then, take a boat ride along the Pinacanauan River to witness the bat’s bat flight at night.

Day 5

After breakfast, you have free time until your flight back to Manila from Tuguegarao Airport.

Highlights of This Journey

A quick overview to make the most of your stay.

  • Admire the millennia-old Banaue rice terraces, a UNESCO wonder of ancient engineering.
  • Engage with Ifugao culture, visit burial tombs, and interact with villagers in Mayoyao.
  • Explore the captivating Callao Caves, featuring seven chambers and a nightly bat spectacle.

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