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Breakfast on Pidurangala Rock

Pidurangala – Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Hike at dawn, explore history, and savour a sunrise breakfast with Sigiriya's enchanting panorama.

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An Overview of Your Adventure

Take a guided hike in the early morning with your knowledgeable host and discover the fascinating Pidurangala rock which has been occupied on and off for over 2,500 years by monks and is a home to several historical legends. Weave along hidden paths to ancient jungle-enveloped structures and keep your eye out for birds and monkeys who call Pidurangala home. The trek to the summit of Pidurangala is best made to catch the sunrise or sunset when the sun paints the surrounding landscape in varying hues. Of course, a sunrise climb also means you would avoid the heat which is a great plus point too! Once you reach the peak, a traditional Sri Lankan breakfast will await to replenish you. You can peacefully enjoy the delicious breakfast and the breathtaking vista of an emerald carpet of greenery leading up to the inspiring sight of the Sigiriya Rock Fortress, soaring majestically to the clouds.


Highlights of This Journey

A quick overview to make the most of your stay.

  • A serene early morning hike that leads you to Pidurangala Rock.
  • Watch the wildlife that has made Pidurangala Rock their home.
  • A scenic view of the sunrise and all of its hues and colours

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