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Tips for Travelling During China’s Rainy Season


China’s rainy season begins in mid-April in the southernmost regions of the country and gradually moves northward as the months progress. Here are several major destinations and the months that they typically experience the most rainfall:

  • Guangzhou: May
  • Shanghai: June and August
  • Beijing: July
  • Xi’an: July


There have been several rain-related incidents in China this year. In Jiuzhaigou County in Sichuan Province, the Jiuzhai Valley National Park has been closed since 1 July 2018. On 30 June 2018, 11 tourists were trapped in Mutianyu Great Wall in Beijing. On 26 June in Yunnan Province, the Yuanyang Rice Terraces suffered from a landslide and the Laohuzui (Tiger Mouth) Scenic Area was temporarily closed. Mt. Laoshan in Qingdao City of the Shandong Province was also closed for heavy rainstorms.

Although incidents such as these can happen, the rainy season should not deter travellers from visiting. In fact, with just a little planning, travellers can enjoy a memorable trip with the exclusive benefit of experiencing the refreshing air and brightly coloured natural surrounding after a rain shower.

Travel Tips During China’s Rainy Season

  1. Check the weather forecast before making outdoor activity plans. Light rain will not usually affect these kinds of trips. However, it’s best to reschedule any trips to the mountains or to waterside attractions just to be safe.
  2. Make a list of indoor activities such as visiting a museum, a gallery or an aquarium as alternative options if rainstorms are in the forecast.
  3. Compared to aeroplanes and buses, train schedules are not typically affected by bad weather. When travelling around China during the rainy season, buy train tickets for a more reliable form of transportation.

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