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Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, is home to more than 7,000 wild Asian elephants. Each year, a unique occurrence known as ‘The Gathering’ takes place in Minneriya and attracts travellers from around the world to witness the astounding spectacle of elephants gathering together from far and wide.


This amazing phenomenon is the ‘Sixth Greatest Wildlife Spectacle of the World’, which has been taking place for centuries. Hundreds of elephants journey to the shores of the Minneriya Reservoir during the months of August and September. This reservoir, which was built by King Mahasen during the Anuradhapura era, does not run dry, even during the dry season when most other tanks and bodies of water in the locality do. This wealth of water compels the magnificent giants to travel to the shores of Minneriya Reservoir from across the region to bathe, mate, mingle and graze on the tender grass growing along the riverbanks.


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