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student career week at Diethelm Travel: Veera


Wherever Diethelm Travel goes, we always aim to give back to the community. For our corporate team in Bangkok, one of the ways we do this is by offering internships to secondary students as part of NIST International School’s Annual Career Week.

This time around, we were delighted to host Veera who spent some time with our finance team, learning new skills and bringing fresh energy to our office. He kindly shared his thoughts on the experience which we absolutely loved reading, we hope you do too!


Interning at Diethelm Travel Group was an extraordinary opportunity to expand my knowledge. More than that, it was a chance to experience work in the field that I’d like to pursue in the future.

I was excited to seize this opportunity, and walking through the doors of Diethelm Travel was no disappointment. The staff welcomed me graciously and never hesitated to help when asked to do so. Furthermore, there was always a jovial atmosphere which created a fun yet professional workspace. I was mainly interacting with Khun Patama and Khun Nok, who taught me fundamentals about accounting and finance.


On the Job

During my experience at Diethelm Travel, I was engaged mainly in the ICS project as it was what I spent most my time doing — learning how to plan a project was something different. It was interesting to witness the number of edits each document had to go through to get the final nod. Moreover, I was also fascinated by seeing how useful Excel is when it comes to managing the money within the business.


The best parts of working at Diethelm Travel

Indisputably it can be said that the best part of working here for me is the way the staff treated me. They were extremely friendly and always offered to help me when I didn’t understand something. Nevertheless, they don’t fail to check up on how I am keeping up, as they were trying to ensure that I’m enjoying my work at all times. Furthermore, there was an amalgamation of being professional and having fun, which brought the best out of me.


What I learned at Diethelm Travel

During this internship, I learned several new things, whether it was expanding on my prior knowledge or even encountering new problems. For example, at the start of this internship, my familiarity with Excel was relatively limited. Now that I’ve worked with the staff, I have learned how to use the application more effectively. Moreover, working on the ICS project with Khun Patama allowed me to garner the skills required to execute a plan in the real world. It taught me the value of the smallest of details that could halt the success of the project. Other than the technical aspects of the business working here taught me discipline and self-management skills. Overall, this internship taught me a range of new skills that I can build on further in the future.


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