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student career week at Diethelm Travel: Palm


At first, travel may seem all about the places but, really, it’s about the people. From connecting travellers to local families, to building close relationships with long-term guides and travel partners around the world, and even supporting the next generation of travel professionals, people are at the core of all we do.

Recently, for the third year in a row, Diethelm Travel Thailand hosted a Grade 9 student as part of NIST International School in Bangkok’s annual Career Week. Our student, Palm, spent the week at our headquarters learning more about the travel industry as a whole as well as what our different teams do on a day-to-day level.

We asked Palm to share his experience and loved hearing his take on things!


Palm’s time at Diethelm Travel

Timorously walking from the BTS station towards the ITF building, I was intrigued by the sighting of many atypical anachronistic structures; from unique historical and cultural adaptations of Chinese shrines to probably one of the earliest Rolex resellers in Thailand. The ITF building, however, stood distinctly with its blue-tinted glass windows amongst all the acres of monotonous structures – an impression that was both reassuring and a little intimidating at the same time.

Members of the marketing team welcomed me; an introduction that quickly flushed away all the stress and anxiety experienced by a first-time, 16-year-old at a new workplace. In addition, being granted finger-print access to the front door on the very first day bestows a sense of belonging and genuinely reflected the easy-going, comforting and yet hard-working environment of the corporation all at the same time.


The best parts of working at Diethelm Travel Thailand

Though it may sound cliché to say, Diethelm Travel’s employees are exceptionally one-of-a-kind. Every member is supportive, friendly and approachable. These qualities make the Career Week programme very enjoyable, and nonetheless, make the two weeks pass by very quickly. Interning at Diethelm Travel also means that you receive the full genuine experiences of what it is like to operate within a workplace. From working office hours (9:00 – 18:00) to being assigned to create presentations, this career week allowed me to consolidate and strengthen my future intentions by widening my interest in business management to unexplored realms such as hospitality and service businesses.


What to know before you arrive at Diethelm Travel Thailand

Surrounded by a diverse range of Japanese, Chinese and traditional Thai restaurants, what is there not to like about Diethelm Travel’s location? Though being in the centre of the city means encountering waves and waves of employees/workers during rush hours, Diethelm Travel’s site grants access to public transportation systems such as the BTS, taxis and motorcycles that make travelling a whole lot easier. Apart from that, the company offices are situated on the 8th floor and is elevated enough for a glimpse at nearby vicinities; capturing a holistic view of Bangkok as a city and what it has to offer.


What Palm learned at Diethelm Travel Thailand

Apart from all the research, critical thinking and organisational skills acquired from this experience, working at Diethelm Travel provided me with a deeper understanding of how some businesses can be heavily reliant on consumer-based interactions. For example, one of our projects as the marketing team was to research and decide on a giveaway product that can express our gratitude as a corporation to our clients. Factors such as consumer loyalty are essential in service businesses and therefore, a lot of thought, professionalism and solicitude must be reflected through the chosen product.

To sum up my experience at Diethelm Travel, I would like to start by thanking all advisors, colleagues, friends and especially Diethelm Travel Group, which has allowed me to come to partake in such a valuable experience and taught me very much.

‘Experience’ is a huge factor that determines future success and Diethelm Travel certainly has provided all the learning opportunities and skills I had hoped for. For that, I am forever grateful.


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