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student career week at Diethelm Travel Thailand: Jenny


Today we’re sharing another post from a NIST International School student who recently came to ‘work’ at the Diethelm Travel Thailand office in Bangkok as part of the school’s Career Week.

These bright young people brought a new energy into our office and we were thrilled at the enthusiasm with which they set to the tasks we assigned them. While a great education broadens the mind, a little work experience goes a long way and we hope we have had some small part in helping these interns to choose the path they wish to take in the future and be better prepared for it.

Here Jenny shares what it was like to spend the week with us.

Jenny’s time at Diethelm Travel

The Diethelm Travel office was a wonderful place to work in, with a comfortable working environment and many friendly and welcoming workers. On the first day, I remember myself walking in clueless and nervous, everything was new, both the experience and environment was something I have never encountered or had to do in my life. However, the employees were all really welcoming and kind which allowed me to adapt faster.

I was surprised that Diethelm gave us a chance to select our schedules. You can choose whether to start your day from 8:00-17:00 hours or 9:00-18:00 hours. There is also an option for us to choose when to take our lunch breaks!

The best parts of working at Diethelm

The three best things about working at Diethelm were one, never will you go hungry. Whenever you are hungry there is always food offered by the kind staff. Not to mention at the Sindhorn Building there are both international and traditional restaurants, furthermore, the wonderful cafeteria in the Kian Gwan Building has a variety of different foods. The second best thing was getting to work in different fields and learn what it feels like to work full time – although tiring, it was also fun! Third, the office building is very close by to Lumpini Park. The park is huge and surrounded by nature, so after work you can always pop by to exercise or just take a walk.

What to know before you arrive at Diethelm Travel Thailand

There are several things you should know before coming to work at Diethelm. The first is the busy roads. The infamous roads of Bangkok are known to many, especially in the morning when it is rush hour. It is good to come a little earlier just to be safe. Next thing, bring your jacket!!! Although there is a warm and friendly environment created by the team, the air conditioning is not kidding around. Lastly, there are many ways to get to the Kian Gwan Building, such as by driving a car or taking public transportation. Both the MRT and BTS can be used, there is Ploenchit Station for BTS and Lumpini station for MRT. From the station, it is about a 10-15 minute walk to the building or you can always take the cab.

What I learned at Diethelm Travel

While working at Diethelm Travel Thailand, I learned many new things and understood the marketing field better in many ways. First of all, I was assigned many tasks to do including editing films and writing blogs for the Diethelm Travel website. This allowed me to better develop my skills and know the differences between work at school and actual work where there are more rules and expectations to meet. I was impressed by the manual that was given to me, it gave me a picture of what the actual working field looks like, allowing me to be prepared for the future and other working experiences.

Overall, working at Diethelm was an experience that gave me something very valuable, both knowledge and time bonding with the workers. Although it was a very short period, I gained many new skills.



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