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Southeast Asia’s Best Honeymoon Hotspots


Honeymoons are meant to be a once in a lifetime experience, so if there was ever an excuse to go all out, this is it!

Southeast Asia offers all that a honeymooner could ask for, whether you’re in the mood for pampering and relaxation, all-day sightseeing or action-packed adventures.

Consider adding a stunning spa in scenic Vietnam, urban exploration in the hyper-modern melting pot of Hong Kong or or going on an off-the-beaten-track route for a Robinson Crusoe experience in Boracay to your romantic itinerary. These unique Southeast Asia honeymoon experiences – and many more – are available to Diethelm Travel guests with special romantic twists. 


Enjoy a nature-focused honeymoon in Thailand

If your idea of post-wedding bliss is gorgeous landscapes and retreating to nature, then there’s no better place to go than Khao Sok National Park in southern Thailand. Known for dense virgin jungles, tower-like limestone karst formations and the scenic Cheow Lan Lake, this trip is the perfect mix of romantic seclusion and nature adventures.

Easily reached from nearby Phuket or Samui, enjoy a 3-Day Journey from Khao Lak to Khao Sok National Park Earth House or Tree House, soaking in the stunning beauty of your surroundings onboard a traditional longtail boat and while kayaking down the Sok River. Get in touch with nature at Our Jungle Camp, a relaxing and intimate eco-resort, and even spend time with Thailand’s gentle giants at an ethical elephant retreat. For taior-made private tours, please contact us at info@diethelmtravel.com.

Image below: Khao Sok National Park


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Find hidden honeymoon spots in Bhutan

Explore Bhutan and experience the magic of this mystical highland destination. Create memories of a lifetime whilst travelling through rugged scenic terrain, visiting mountaintop palaces and temples, and taking in the fresh air of the Himalayas.

On the 15-Day Jewel of the East Experience, honeymooners visit the country’s remote eastern regions to discover ancient temples and forts, learn more about Bhutan’s history, and visit Thrumshingla National Park, home to many unusual species of flora and fauna. Bhutan offers the perfect honeymoon for couples who prefer the road less travelled.

Image below: Taktsang Monastery


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Fall in love all over again on a honeymoon in the Philippines

Made up of over 7,641 islands (and still counting) set in the warm tropical waters of the Pacific Ocean, the Philippines is an ideal honeymoon destination. This island nation offers picture-perfect beaches, luscious nature, and incredible opportunities to spot wildlife on an invigorating honeymoon trip.

Whether your idea of fun is spotting the world’s smallest primate and swimming with the dolphins in Pamilacan Island in Bohol, diving in Palawan for coral exploration or going on an off-the-beaten-track route for a Robinson Crusoe experience in Boracay, the Philippines has it all. Simply contact our team to arrange custom programmes at sales@ph.diethelmtravel.com today!

Image below: Cadlao island


[showimage url1=”https://www.diethelmtravel.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/DTY_issue07_El-Nido-bay-and-Cadlao-island-Palawan-Philippines_shutterstock_124512115-1-1.gif”]


Be charmed by Cambodia’s honeymoon hideaways

A unique blend of gorgeous luxury hotels, mystical temples, vibrant culture and pristine beaches makes Cambodia a top contender for Southeast Asia’s best honeymoon destination.

You can join a sunset cruise on the Mekong River with Champagne in hand, discover the waterbird colonies and flooded forest in Tonle Sap, relax on the isolated island of Koh Rong or stay in Cambodia’s most luxurious resorts, such as Le Relais de Chhlong near Kratie, Iroha Garden & Villa Theato outside of Phnom Penh, Maison Polanka in Siem Reap, Knai Bang Chatt in Kep, and many more for the ultimate romantic getaway.

Image below: Candlelight dinner in Chhreav village


[showimage url1=”https://www.diethelmtravel.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/KH_Honeymoon2.png”]


Find Your Passion in Vibrant Vietnam

Rich in culture and history yet vibrant and modern, Vietnam is an excellent honeymoon destination. Whether you’re keen to check out bustling mega-cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), enjoy a cruise in scenic Halong Bay, experience the charms of ancient Hoi An, create connections with the country’s enchanting nature while exploring its spectacular landscapes or simply just sunbathe on Phu Quoc Beach, your honeymoon here will be both enjoyable and highly affordable.

Opt for our 15-Day Vietnam Honeymoon Package to combine several of the above, or contact our team to arrange a private programme at sales@vn.diethelmtravel.com to plan your dream honeymoon in Vietnam.

Image below: Mu Cang Chai rice terraced


[showimage url1=”https://www.diethelmtravel.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/DTY_issue07_Mu-Cang-Chai-Vietnam-landscape-terraced-rice-field-near-Sapa.-Mu-Cang-Chai-rice-fields-stretching-across-mountainside-in-Vietnam-1.gif”]


Enjoy luxury, charming, enchanting honeymoon hotels in Laos

A charming country of lush hills and rich culture, Laos is the perfect honeymoon destination for travellers looking for a more authentic travel experience. While the country offers a plethora of luxury resorts and accommodation, you’re almost always surrounded by pristine nature yet relatively few other travellers.

If you’re into trekking and adventures or lounging around luxurious pools and spas – or both! – Laos is a top choice for your Southeast Asia honeymoon. Whichever Laos destination is on your itinerary, be sure to plan a romantic sunset cruise on the Mekong, such as this cocktail cruise with iMekong which departs from historic Luang Prabang.

Image below:  Tat Kuang Si Waterfalls


[showimage url1=”https://www.diethelmtravel.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/DTY_issue07_Beautiful-Tat-Kuang-Si-Waterfalls-at-Luang-prabang-Laos_shutterstock_434182165.gif”]


Discover Hong Kong’s most romantic attractions

If city lights are more your style, then you might be more interested in a Hong Kong honeymoon. On this urban isle, it’s practically impossible ever to become bored. Packed with cool cultural pursuits, while the heart of Hong Kong is super modern, you’ll still find traditional juxtapositions along with plenty of nearby nature. Surrounded by the blue-green waters of the China Sea and its many sandy islands (such as Repulse Bay, Deep Water Bay , Stanley Beach and more) you can still get your sun on as well as your nature fix in one of the many country parks and hiking trails which surround the city.

Whatever honeymoon adventures you choose, don’t forget to plan an evening cruise around Victoria Harbour to watch the Symphony of Lights and be sure to add dinner at a Michelin starred restaurant to your list of things to do, like this romantic one at the Ritz Carlton.

Image below: Sai Kung


[showimage url1=”https://www.diethelmtravel.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/DTY_issue07_Hong-Kong-Countryside-Sai-Kung_shutterstock_506566705.gif”]


Explore Malaysia’s Best Honeymoon Destinations

A land of diversity, Malaysia offers a bounty of honeymoon experiences so you can choose your own thrilling and romantic adventure. Wander the streets in the cultural melting pots on the archipelago, spot orangutans and roam the wild hills of Borneo, or escape to the many idyllic tropical islands. Malaysia truly has it all.

Enjoy fabulous cuisine and the blending of cultures in historic Malacca in the ultimate comfort and luxury on our curated tour, or set out your own itinerary, perhaps including this spectacular sunset cruise around St Regis and Langkawi (private cruise can be arranged) as a special treat. You will be sure to love your culture-rich and idyllic honeymoon in this Southeast Asian destination.

Image below: Mabul Bodgaya Island


[showimage url1=”https://www.diethelmtravel.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/DTY_issue07_Beautiful-aerial-view-borneo-sea-gypsy-water-village-in-Mabul-Bodgaya-Island-Malaysia_shutterstock_1009410535.gif”]


Bask in the magic of Myanmar

The Land of Golden Pagodas offers journeys on the road less travelled for honeymooners with a thirst for the unexplored. Head into the wild hills to discover cultures and lands seldom seen by outsiders, wander ancient footpaths between temples and monuments, or hop on a boat to explore villages hidden down meandering waterways. Myanmar is the perfect place for endless exploration and adventures with the one you love.

For the ultimate private getaway, head to the coast and stay for four magical days at the luxurious eco-friendly retreat of Wa Ale Island Resort in Lampi National park on the Andaman Sea. Experience the hidden natural beauty of the Myeik Archipelago, exploring unchartered jungle habitats and diving amongst spectacular marine life and untouched coral reefs on a once-in-a-lifetime private tour.

Image below: Mergui Island


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