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new in Manila: “following the footsteps of Anthony Bourdain”


Anthony Bourdain had his first taste of Manila and experienced its soul through the assortment of street food he encountered during a sojourn in Binondo’s Chinatown. There’s the ‘taho’ vendor with his concoction of soft tofu sweetened with arnibal and garnished with pearl sago, the makeshift stalls laden with native ‘take home’ lunch meals, and the ubiquitous Chinese pastry called hopia which are the perfect treat.

It is in this one stretch of busy street that Bourdain savoured his first Philippine culinary experience which led him to explore more about the country. As Bourdain might put it, if you want to learn the rhythms of a country, learn from and observe its people; if you want to taste its life, sample the food.

Tour inclusions

  • Private roundtrip hotel transfers (guests will be dropped off and picked up after the walking tour at Binondo Church)
  • Food tasting and refreshments
  • An English-speaking guide


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