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new in Bohol: “three sea creatures in a day”


Embark on a day of fun and unique experiences ranging from dolphin watching to swimming with whale sharks and turtles. Depart your resort at 06:00 hours for dolphin watching then proceed about 1 hour and 45 minutes to the southernmost part of Cebu and the town of Oslob where whale sharks are abundant. Here, they are protected from predators, taken care of and fed by the local fishermen.

Upon arrival, a baroto a.k.a. banca (a small boat found in Pacific waters especially around the Philippines; usually: a dugout canoe often provided with outriggers and a roof of bamboo) will pick you up and take you to the whale shark encounter area where you will snorkel and swim with these calm giants. After this 45-minute activity, board the boat then proceed to Balicasag island for swimming and snorkelling with sea turtles. Lunch will be prepared and freshly cooked by our crew to ensure you of a delicious barbecue lunch on board the boat. Your expected arrival back at the resort is 15:00 hours allowing for approximately a 9-hour full day tour.

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