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meet the Orang Asli in Gombak


“Orang Asli” is the Malaysian term used for the groups of people indigenous to Peninsular Malaysia. This unique, CSR-based tour will lead you to the village of Batu 12, Gombak where Encik Raman, a retired gentleman, is working together with his partner both independently and in close collaboration with local institutions of higher education on social responsibility programs to further develop and assist the local community. Here local single mothers will show you how to weave various handicrafts, with the opportunity of you giving it a try yourself, before you trek through the jungle whilst identifying the local flora and fauna.

Upon reaching the grounds of the Jungle School, you will build a day-shelter using ‘bertam’ leaves collected from the jungle and learn the secrets of fire-starting using the wood you collected. Before lunch of rice, chicken, fish and vegetables all cooked in bamboo, test yourself at a blowpipe competition and a puzzle solving game known as ‘Jah re Noi’.

Before ending the tour and trekking back to civilisation, enjoy your traditionally cooked lunch with a special show for you by Encik using his unique nose flute.


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