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marvel at the new sensation from the producers of A O Show - Teh Dar


Teh Dar, a new Làng Phố – Lune Production continues the successful concept of A O with a new live theatre show, Teh Dar. Now the ambitious creators take us on a journey to a different “higher” realm of sensation: the enchanting world of Vietnamese highlanders where untold stories sung deep in the forest, hummed amongst treacherous mountains and whispered around tribal flames for generations now take vivid form on stage.


In this performance, a stunning bamboo cirque, daring acrobatics and live music from tribal instruments spellbind as they paint the sights of mountain conquerors and thrilling creatures from tribal folklores. As exotic and enthralling as AO Show, Teh Dar stays true to reflecting authentic Vietnamese stories and cultural values all of which live on as the circle of life turns, just “Teh Dar” in many Vietnamese ethnic languages means “going in circle”.


Watch the Teh Dar trailer at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVRLWElr6T4


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