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extended day tour to villages around Loikaw


In addition to Diethelm Travel Myanmar’s primary Loikaw programme, there are a few more options to explore tribal villages hidden in the landscape of these scenic hills. Discover the intricate fabric of cultures that tie these settlements together on your visits, learning about their ways of life, their rituals, arts, crafts, music traditions and more.

For those who don’t feel like taking a long ride, Htay Kho village is the perfect place to spend your day visiting with hill tribe villagers. Htay Kho is a very traditional village in the remote area of Loikaw. Most villagers make a living by farming, though some local ladies are skilled weavers who make colourful traditional costumes. Visit a small cottage museum showcasing traditional musical instruments, hunting equipment and household objects. An optional portion of this tour allows you to learn about the interesting culture of carving wooden coffins, a tradition that gives elderly parents peace of mind that their children can manage after their passing. Meet the village artisans and musicians from whom you can learn about Kayaw arts, crafts and daily lifestyle. You can also visit two homes where you can observe weaving and try on a Kayaw costume and traditional jewellery.

A longer drive from Loikaw is the village of Daw Ta Ma Gyi in Demoso. Well worth the journey, this trip offers an opportunity to experience a mosaic of authentic cultural expressions and beliefs in a pristine natural environment. Explore the village and take your time to visit local homes where you can learn about and try weaving, playing traditional musical instruments and making local crafts. Don’t miss a chance to try the local brew, a millet wine, which may be offered to you.

Please kindly note that these villages are quite new to tourism and while they wish to share their culture and traditions with visitors and earn additional income, service and amenities are extremely basic. Please be patient and try to encourage local participants. This will help them to gain experience in welcoming visitors.

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