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We’re delighted to introduce Green Laos, our newest offerings inspired by the lush vibrancy of Laos’ landscapes and the nurturing spirit of its people and culture. In Vientiane, Luang Prabang and beyond, we’ve curated the perfect mix of sightseeing, relaxation and cultural immersion, helping you to slip into the slow and easy pace of Lao life.


5-Day Green Luang Prabang

Dive deep into the spirit, culture and natural beauty of Luang Prabang. From the temples and rituals of the city to the rural villages and farms, tread lightly through this timeless landscape. This 5-day journey will show you the best of Luang Prabang’s timeless traditions and architecture. With nature as your backdrop, enjoy the slow journey, finding delight in taking your time as you visit and eat at local organic farms and restaurants.

Visit Phousi Hill and wander through the Night Market where you can browse the wares, many of which are hand-made by people from the surrounding villages.

Highlights of your journey will include with a short boat trip to Ban Wat That along the Mekong River. Enjoy Pha Tad Ke Botanical Garden, including the Ginger Garden and the Ethno-botanic Garden, the centerpieces of the botanical park. Follow the Limestone Walk and take in the amazing mountainous Mekong landscape. In the evening, be whisked away to Ban Naxang village to take part in a traditional Baci Blessing ceremony. Set in a natural environment surrounded by rice fields and bamboo trees the local heads of the village will prepare and lead this interactive blessing ceremony, along with the villagers.


See the full itinerary here


5-Day Green Vientiane

This journey combines the pleasure of taking a ‘slow’ look at Vientiane’s temples, lifestyle and food scene with the joy of being surrounded by the unique natural beauty of Laos’ flora, waterways and landscapes.

Outside of Vientiane, highlights of your journey will include a boat trip, visiting local villages and exploring the ruins of an 8th and 11th-century Mon-Khmer site. You’ll head to Nam Ngum Reservoir, 100 kilometres from Vientiane, and stop along the way to visit the Hmong people, learning about their culture and traditions. You’ll also visit Vang Xang archaeological site and 11th-century site located next to an by elephant graveyard from which it gets its name. Wander through historic sites and see fascinating Buddha sculptures carved into the pink sandstone cliffs. At Nam Ngum Lake, enjoy a languid lunch by the side of the lake before journeying by boat to the many fishing villages and lush, beautiful islands which dot the area. You’ll also have a chance to see salt-mines and learn about the local fauna, in particular, the insect life.


See the full itinerary here


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