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discover northern Thailand off-the-beaten-track


The infamous Golden Triangle, where the borders of Thailand, Burma and Laos meet, was once known for being a major opium producing region, but now travellers can appreciate it for its stunning mountain scenery and various hill tribe peoples. During the 5-day Northern Thailand Off the Beaten Track experience, guests travel over land from the northern Thai town of Chiang Rai through the breathtaking mountains to the charming Chiang Mai, known as the Rose of the North, discovering picturesque tea plantations, distinctive cultures, traditional northern crafts and more.

Starting in Chiang Rai, the tour visits the tea-growing Yunnan people, originating in Southern China, the Akha and Lahu hilltribes, the Palong people who emigrated from Burma and still retain their colourful traditional costumes, and the delightful village of Mae Salong, founded by former Kuomintang (anti-Communist) soldiers, to admire its Chinese temples, tea shops and busy market.

Throughout the journey, guests also experience bamboo rafting, craft demonstrations, visiting a Hmong Shaman’s house and Elephant Poo Poo Paper Park, an outdoor museum focused on explaining the unique steps involved in making paper products from elephant excrement.

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