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Diethelm Travel Group Supports Forest and Wildlife Conservation at Sap Langka Wildlife Sanctuary


From 21 – 22 January 2017, 112 team members from Diethelm Travel Thailand stayed at the Sap Langka Wildlife Sanctuary in Lopburi, Thailand building weirs (horizontal barriers used across rivers to help manage water flow) that will benefit the sanctuary’s protected animals, particularly 44 wild elephants, by providing easier access to a sustained water supply while also helping to reduce water flow during the rainy season and decrease the chance of flooding. The project, which was completely funded by Diethelm Travel, not only worked to protect the wildlife and natural surroundings, but offered team members the opportunity to pay respects to the late King Rama IX by supporting the sanctuary, which is a Royal Charity Project. As always the Thailand team worked hard and played making the most of the weekend spent together. In addition to the volunteer work, the group came together in a number of collaborative team building activities including a survival training and cooking session, as well as a fun ‘Diethelm’s Got Talent’ game, costume competition and more!


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