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China High Speed Train Ticket Price Will Fluctuate by Day


Flying used to be the obvious choice for long distance travel, however, now that high-speed trains offer discounted rates, they are are competitive with airline prices.

From now until the end of the year, the China Railway Corporation has decreased its ticket prices for 28 intercity high speed routes, some by as much as 20%.

Additionally, since 5 July of this year, ticket prices for six popular routes including Beijing-Shanghai and Guiyang-Guangzhou now change daily. Like the fluctuating prices of aeroplane tickets, these new prices are determined by factors such as the number of available trains, seat occupancy rates, travel seasons, departure dates and times as well as seat classes.

Passengers who have flexible schedules can spend less on tickets by avoiding travel during peak dates and times. Those who can afford to spend more can buy tickets based on convenience.

Select Travel Time Wisely to Save Money

To save money, travellers should limit travelling during the following times:

  1. During the Spring Festival Travel Rush period, which is from late January to early March
  2. On public holidays such as the Qingming Festival, May Day Holiday, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Holiday
  3. During China’s summer holiday, which stretches over July and August
  4. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday and instead travel from Monday to Thursday
  5. During peak hour daytime travel and opt for travel early in the morning or late at night

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