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artistic side of yangon: perfect tours for art and culture lovers


Experience the artistic side of Yangon by choosing from one of several special walking tours that take you through the city’s historical buildings and into a variety of incredible art galleries.


The half-day Downtown Walking Tour in Yangon begins at Myanm/art, where you’ll start with refreshments and an overview of Myanmar’s fascinating art history. There are several downtown routes to take, which includes 4 – 6 of the most popular galleries and art studios in the area.


The Uptown Driving Tour, which offers both half-day and full-day versions, are a great way to explore studios and galleries outside of the downtown area. Clients will be introduced to gallery owners and artists working and contributing to the larger scene in Myanmar. We start at Myanm/art for an introduction to the art scene and some reference material and then head out into the northern neighbourhoods by way of car.


For the Special Interest Tour, visit galleries specialising in collectible work, learn about the local, regional and international art market, speak to gallery owners, dealers and artists about the best investments and listen to a history of art collections in Myanmar.


Artist Studio Visits is an exclusive tour that grants visitors the opportunity to get up close and personal with Myanmar artists. Learn about their process, see the artists at work, view their collections, speak with artists about their view on the local art scene, discuss their art philosophy and view presentations of their past work.


Recommended tours:
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