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appreciate art and culture at Luang Prabang’s Traditional Art and Ethnology Centre


The Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre (TAEC) is the only independent resource centre in Laos dedicated to the country’s diverse ethnic groups. Located in the UNESCO World Heritage town of Luang Prabang, the centre is recognised as a leader in cultural heritage management and community development. Today, the centre includes an impressive collection of ethnic minority artefacts, a library, the TAEC Café and the TAEC Boutique, featuring the finest handcrafted items from ethnic minority artisans in Laos.

Diethelm Travel Laos is now offering guests who’d like to learn more about the country’s different ethnic cultures and traditions a memorable experience including stopping at the TAEC as well as visiting a local village to speak with the villagers.

Exhibition and museum tours include a 30-minute tour led by a trained museum guide or an established TAEC director to provide insight into Laos’ ethnic cultures, their traditions and customs.

Alternatively, travellers can try their hand at a half-day handicraft workshop learning to make Hmong embroidery, practising Katu backstrap weaving or Kmhmu basketry from a local artisan! A TAEC guide will provide translation and supplemental background information about the craft and its people.

If bustling market scenes are calling your name, a TAEC senior staff member can also provide an overview of the ethnic diversity and traditional handicrafts of Laos before helping you identify the differences between handmade and factory-made products by touching and examining real examples – an excellent way to learn more while preparing to shop in Luang Prabang’s famed markets!

Lastly, explore the Tai Lue Textile Village, which is famed for its handwoven cotton textiles, natural dyes and traditional architecture. Local weavers will show visitors the process of hand spinning cotton, dyeing, the yarn and techniques to weaving their cloth.


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